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Grandview is located on Highway 66 approximately 5 1/2 miles east of Rockport.

While smaller than the county seat of Rockport, it was actually founded in 1807 and incorporated in 1874.

Grandview Aluminum Products

Grandview is home to Grandview Aluminum Products, which are marketed globally. The business was started in 1964 by Harold and Georgia Banks. The foundry makes and sells plaques, signs, and commemorative items. Customers include country stars, movie actors, towns, government agencies, golf courses and many others.

Public Libary

The library orginally a Carnegie Building (Grandview-Hammond Twp.) was built in 1919. After a merge with another Carnegie building in Rockport(Rockport-Ohio Twp.) in 1989 the library system is now known as Spencer County Public Libraries.

How Grandview Got It's Name

According to Steve Lamar Harris, Lorinda Mason Lamar named the Town. Lorinda was the wife of Alfred Lamar, one of the founders. She was sitting on the porch of their home, which stands on the curve of Highway 66 overlooking the Ohio River. She said to Alfred, Oh My, what a grand view! The home is still standing but is not the two story it was then. Steve is the great-great-grandson of Lorinda.

Flood of 1997

The town's proximity to the river is not always such a blessing. In March of 1997, the river rose over its banks, cutting the town off from the rest of the world. Many homes were left unlivable and some of the downtown businesses were damaged as well.

Almost no one moved away, though. They banded together to rebuild the town and reclaim their homes.

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