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The town has a Clerk Treasurer, Town Council, Flood Plain Manager, Utilities Board, Town Attorney and Board of Zoning Appeals

Town Offices

Town Hall: 812.649.2573

Grandview Post Office: 812.649.4046

Town Boards

Utilities Board: Consists of Town Council Members

Board of Zoning Appeals:

Sam Rose - Administrator
Tricia Addis
Daniel Freeman
Stan Hoss
Jimmy Harris

Town Employees

Clerk Treasurer: Wayne Kincaid

Utility Superintendent: Sam Rose

Maintenance Operator: Walker Jewell  

Town Attorney: Andrew Foster

Town Council Members:
Doug Risse(President)

Angie Fischer
Dakota Risse
Stacey Schwoeppe

Flood Plain Manager: Sam Rose

Town Information

Grandview United Methodist Church:

Phone Number:812.649.2798

Grandview Volunteer Fire Department: Phone Number:812.649.5428 or 812.686.3287


Applications and Rates for water, & waste water available at Town Hall

Town Ordinances: Town Ordinances

Home and Location Mapping: Home and Location Map

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